An invitation to
Think Together!

From a systemic point of view, I work on the basis of active listening, dialogue and questioning. Challenging the dominant model of thinking, I seek to revise, modify and/or change paradigms, assumptions and prejudices, applying a type of strategic-creative thinking, always oriented to catalyze action.

Key ingredients for

Systemic View

Active Listening

Meaningful Questions

Quality Dialogues

Strategic Thinking,
Ideas and Inspiration

Collective and Collaborative

Catalyzing Intention
to Action

Some of the topics that we can think about together

  • Strategic Plan, Mission, Vision, Objectives
  • Discovery of Purpose, Organizational Culture & Values
  • Intrapreneurial Culture
  • Communication Strategy
  • Branding, Identity and Narrative Strategy
  • Activations and Impact Initiatives
  • Inspiration, Dialogues and Articulation for Regeneration