About Me


I have a degree in Advertising from UCES and a postgraduate course in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development from UCA.


I developed my professional career in renowned agencies as well as on the advertiser’s side, as responsible for the construction of well-known brands.

After many years of working in my profession -approximately in 2005- I had a crisis of meaning with my “being an advertiser” and with feeling part of a consumption model that was already giving clear evidence of the seriousness of its consequences for all of us. At that moment I needed to “stop the ball”, and I did. I dared to resign from a very important and highly aspirational job for all of us who worked in advertising -at that time I was working as Brand Manager of NIKE for the Southern Cone-. I was encouraged to let go and take the necessary time to understand that what I needed was nothing more and nothing less than to find meaning in my life and in everything I was doing and saying.

I was able to realize my passion for communication, strategic thinking and creativity, but also for coherence, authenticity and freedom. Hence, I prefer to think of myself, today, more as a communicator and as a consultant.


I was also able to recognize my urgent need for my work to be aligned with my values, my principles and my vision of things. And, mainly, with my personal purpose: to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable and regenerative culture, where businesses and brands can be part of the solution to the problems we face as humanity, on Earth.


Today I can tell you, with great pride, that I am doing what I love: helping people, companies and organizations to think and develop better brands for a better world!