A unique opportunity
to make a difference

The collaborative potential that brands can – and should – have in this necessary transformation is, practically, unimaginable. Brands have the opportunity to be a real delta of change from the current unsustainable and degenerative consumption model to a new economy that is sustainable and regenerative.


The conceptual framework I use to guide the intention of my work is as simple as it is powerful. It has all the strength that can give us to enter into a systemic coherence, aligning the three key dimensions of our BEING, our DOING and our SAYING. Honoring our Past, celebrating our Present and envisioning our Future. And always seeking to increase and improve our Regenerative Impact at the Economic, Environmental and Social levels.

Brands are the bearers of a true “reason for being”, of a purpose that gives meaning to their existence, their culture, their identity and their unique and differential proposal to add value for people, society and the planet. In this dimension of Being some key questions are: does your brand exist, is it good for people, for society and the planet, then what does your brand exist for, what problem does it solve, how does it add value to make the world a better place where we can all live well and prosper? #Storybeing #RegenerativeBrands #Purpose #Values #Culture #Identity.

Brands are also a constant example of a unique way of being in the world, through all their actions carried out to materialize their value propositions, products and services. In this dimension of DOING we will look at the impact and consequences of all the actions and operations of your business-brand to understand: how can we do better, how can we increase the regenerative impact at the economic, environmental and social level under the premises of the SDGs, ESGs and the Sustainability and Regeneration paradigm? #Storydoing #RegenerativeImpact #SustainableInnovation #ImpactInitiatives.

Brands are undoubtedly aspirational models with an enormous capacity to persuade and influence people’s consumption habits. Therefore, through their narrative, their communications and all their messages, they have the great opportunity to change habits and shape a new way of economic exchange that is virtuous and beneficial for all. Here we will ask ourselves: how can our brand be part of the change we want to see reflected in the world, what narratives, messages, words and models of aspiration do we want to offer to build together that future we want, how is the level of trust and credibility of our audiences and stakeholders in relation to our brand and our reputation? #Storytelling #RegenerativeDialogues #Communication #Reputation #Credibility #Trust #Stakeholders

The big question we'll be exploring all along is:

how can your brand leverage its enormous power to influence people's behavior to create a prosperous future for all, while strengthening its competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Sustainability & Regeneration inexorably require a systemic view and understanding of reality, because only in this way is it possible to have a vision of the whole rather than of the mere parts, and to provide interdisciplinary answers to the different demands and challenges we face.


In our Pensarlomejor ® sessions we will explore those vulnerable points of the organization, its strategy and its processes to detect the “levers of impact” where a simple decision can have an unimaginable regenerative impact both for the creation of social and environmental value and for the creation of economic value itself.


Our future success depends on the good decisions we can make here and now.


Shall we do it together?


#ThinkBetter #RegenerativeImpact #RegenerativeBrands.