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It is remarkable how “our world” is changing at great speed and scale, along with the profound transformation of our planet Earth. Of course, companies and organizations are no strangers to this transformation, which could be framed within what is known as a “change of an era”. And within this same change, we are living the transition from a traditional capitalism -which defended only the interests of shareholders in maximizing their profitability- to a new Regenerative Capitalism seeking to align our economic theories and practices with the laws that govern the natural world. A capitalism that understands the importance of considering its stakeholders, including interested parties with whom the company interacts, but at the same time relates with a natural and social-cultural ecosystem. An economic system that focus on the way we relate with ourselves, with others, and with the incredible living system we are part of. In this context, we are urged to rethink everything anew.


We are facing a transcendental challenge for the history of humanity and, at the same time, an incredible opportunity. Companies can and must use market forces to do excellent business by solving the problems of communities and the planet -rather than creating them- while meeting their needs. This can be achieved by promoting innovations that generate real value for all stakeholders, including of course the shareholders of the business.


We need to be brave and encourage ourselves to think better -and to think the best- to commit to create a new vision of a prosperous future for the human collective on Earth.


Our success with this endeavor depends on the good decisions we can make here and now.


Shall we do it together?




To accelerate the transition to a sustainable and regenerative culture, where businesses and brands can be part of the solution to the problems we face as humanity.


To accompany my clients in their decision making process to increase and improve their capacity for regenerative impact for people, the community and the planet.

Think Together


I invite you to
Think it Better together!

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From a systemic point of view, I work based on active listening, dialogue and questioning. Challenging the dominant thinking model, I seek to revise, modify and/or change paradigms, assumptions and prejudices, applying a type of strategic-creative thinking, always oriented to catalyze action.

Individual sessions [1 hour long] where we meet -in person or virtually- to think together with the intention of facilitating and provoking innovative decisions that will result in a real creation of value for people, the community, the planet and -of course- for your business-brand.


These are group sessions [1 to 3 hours long] where we meet -in person or virtually- to think together, with the intention of facilitating and provoking innovative decisions.  The goal is to activate a collaborative effort of the entire work team aiming for the creation of value for people, the community, the planet and, of course, for your business-brand.

This is a series of meetings or a pack of sessions that includes a “roadmap” designed especially for the work process required by the challenge posed by the client. Always with the intention of facilitating and provoking innovative decisions that will create value for the community, the planet and -of course- for your business brand.

I invite you to
Think it Better together!

see my services

I am I and my circumstance, and if I don’t save it, I don’t save myself

José Ortega & Gasset

For Whom

For Change Leaders*, people like you or me who have already realized that “it’s about us and our circumstances, and if we don’t save them…”.


People who see the double opportunity of doing good and doing it well. People who want to do good business, creating value and being part of the solution to the problems – social and environmental – that we face as humanity, and who do not want to and cannot wait another day to take action.


* Whether they are businessmen, entrepreneurs, inter or intrapreneurs who are linked -in a systemic way- with the culture, creation, innovation, design, construction and/or communication of brands, products or services.

Let's be part of the solution!

What other people say about me


The history of Humanity teaches us that there were people who built a legacy for the World! And they did it without putting their ego first, converging values, care and practices, harmonizing short and long term needs, recognizing the virtues of others over their own limitations and above all, opening questions and horizons for others to grow in their ventures and enterprises. When I want to give real examples, I immediately think of the beloved Pablo Benavides!

Pedro Tarak

Co-founder of Sistema B
Few things are as powerful as the power of Questions. At times we run after the answers, paying little attention to the real meaningful questions. These are often uncomfortable and complex. Being able to mirror these processes with Pablo has been very enriching and nourishing.

Federico Manuel Gomez Guisoli

Executive Director of Kolibri
I met Pablo as a client in the late 90's when he worked in advertising and managed the Levis account. Later we continued to cross paths professionally on sustainability projects. Pablo is an intuitive, sensitive, inspiring and dedicated professional. His great experience in branding and communication, combined with his obsession for triple impact make him a very interesting profile!

Gabriela Soria

Branding and Sustainability Consultant
I have been witnessing Pablo's evolution for more than 15 years. And I can assure that he has an innate intuition and sensitivity to detect trends. His interactions always generate new perspectives and opportunities.

Ernesto Van Peborgh

Pablo is a person with great common sense, creative, intuitive, change driver and catalyst of the best ideas for your team. He has helped me to make sense, build meaning and find in me and my company a great potential to make an impact.

Giselle Della Mea

Design Thinker - 3V/InnoDriven
Having worked with Pablo for over 20 years, I can say that he is a true thought partner. Much of my intellectual production and the professional activity that I develop, accompanying people and organizations that want to enter the paradigm of sustainability and regeneration, are due to the guidance and accompaniment I have received from Pablo at the time of having to define my purpose, mission, vision and strategy. Without his valuable help and collaboration, undoubtedly, my destiny would have been different

Gabriel Griffa

Director and Editor of Rumbo Sostenible and Sosteniblepedia
Conversing with Pablo is always a journey of transformation that leads to a better destination. He plans every instance of work to ignite challenging conversations that enrich and expand opportunities. His creative intelligence, humanity and value interventions make him the key partner in making positive impactful decisions.

Verónica Marin Fraga

Creative Strategies Director - VERA



About Pablo

Hi, I’m Pablo Benavides


An Impact Catalyst that offers a combination of different skills that respond to those of a consultant, a strategist, a communicator, a creative, a facilitator and, above all, those of a thinking partner.


From a systemic point of view, I accompany my clients to make better decisions to increase the regenerative impact of their brands and businesses.